About Stradling’s Cabinets & Home Remodeling

Stradling’s Cabinets & Remodeling, a family-owned business since 1935, is dedicated to delivering high-quality cabinetry and remodeling services throughout the Metropolitan Phoenix area. Our in-house design team specializes in creating custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and solutions for home offices, laundry rooms, entertainment rooms, and more. We also offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and entertainment room remodeling services, ensuring every aspect of your remodeling project is handled with care and expertise.

Meet Jacob Stradling, Margo Leitz, and Emmy Abbott – the talented team behind Stradling’s Cabinets & Remodeling. Jacob ensures top-notch customer service, Margo brings over 35 years of kitchen and bath design expertise, and Emmy adds her unique flair for color and texture. Together, they make your remodeling dreams come true with skill, creativity, and personalized service.


Whether you’re updating a single room or reimagining your entire home, this team works seamlessly to deliver beautiful, functional spaces. Trust Stradling’s to handle every detail with care and precision, making your renovation experience smooth and enjoyable.

Meet Lonnie, Dawna, and Jacob – the 3rd and 4th generations carrying on the legacy and experience of Stradling’s. Lonnie’s expertise and dedication laid the foundation for the company’s enduring success. Dawna’s keen eye for detail and commitment to quality ensure every project meets the highest standards. Jacob, now at the helm, combines their wisdom with innovative approaches to keep Stradling’s at the forefront of the industry. Together, they honor the family tradition while continuously evolving to meet modern demands, ensuring Stradling’s remains a trusted name in remodeling.

Quality Custom Cabinets and Remodeling Services in Gilbert

Jacob Stradling

Owner of Stradlings Cabinets & Remodeling

With a lifelong passion for the cabinet business, Jacob Stradling has been at the helm of Stradlings Cabinets & Remodeling for just over a year, taking the reins from his father, Lonnie, upon his retirement. Jacob’s journey in the industry began in his childhood, sweeping floors in his dad’s cabinet shop, igniting a love for craftsmanship and design that has only grown stronger with time.

“I focus on customer service. The remodeling process is a stressful process, but we try to reduce that stress with clear communication and all the help we can give throughout the remodel project,” – Jacob Stradling


Kitchen and Bath Designer

With an impressive 45 years of experience as an interior designer and 25 years dedicated to the art of kitchen and bath design, Margo Leitz brings a wealth of expertise to Stradlings Fine Cabinetry. Her passion for interior spaces was ignited at a young age through a love for decorating and artistic expression, leading her to pursue a BFA degree in interior architecture.

“I help my clients make good decisions that work for their budget and aesthetics. Styling is personal but I guide my clients to classic styles that will pass the test of time. Contemporary and modern styling is my strong suit.” – Margo Leitz


Interior Designer

With fifteen years of experience as an interior designer, Emmy Abbott’s passion for creating beautiful living spaces was ignited at an early age while watching her mother decorate their home. Even as a child, she found herself designing rooms, if only in her imagination. This early inspiration laid the foundation for her unique design philosophy rooted in balance, harmony, and livability.

“I love working with subtle color schemes and interesting textures. Even if someone wants a bold, colorful kitchen, I’m going to show them how they can have plenty of color while keeping their space very relaxing and livable,” Emmy explains.

Stradlings Family Photo, Stradling's Cabinets & Remodeling

Locally Operated and Family Owned Since 1935

Stradling’s Cabinets & Remodeling is committed to providing exemplary customer support through high-quality cabinetry and remodeling services. We employ our own in-house design team to create unique, custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, laundry rooms, home theaters, entertainment rooms, closets, and more. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Stradlings has also been providing high-quality kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, entertainment room remodels, and more at a fair price.

Stradlings’ professional installers and support team manage every aspect of your project. In addition to homeowners, Stradlings partners with architects, interior designers, and contractors to provide quality custom cabinets and millwork that turn your dreams into reality. Their number one goal is understanding their clients’ desires to provide exceptional value and exceed expectations on every job.

Picture from Mesa Tribune 1968

You can learn a lot about a company by looking at its past.

From the ‘Mesa Tribune, dated Friday, May 17, 1968, the headline reads,
$150,000 Blaze Razes Stradlings

After the fire, Louis Stradling said, “Stradlings would set up temporary office facilities in the paint shop just south of the fire site. Telephone connections were put in this morning. Some 40 employees will be paid their wages due to date, then as fast as we can, we’ll go back into business.” The company completed jobs already contracted and planned to rebuild, conducting business from the temporary office.

A History of Growth

Joseph O. Stradling Jr. started the business in 1930, expanding into cabinet-making and millwork by 1935. The company grew, adding a hardware department and moving to its 32 E. Broadway location in 1955, remaining there until a fire in 1968.

Rebuilding and Innovation

After the fire, Stradlings honored its contracts and rebuilt, opening a new facility in 1970. The modern facility doubled the old building's size, supporting cabinet building, contracting, and a showroom. Stradlings has diversified over the years, maintaining a strong commitment to quality and customer service.